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Dr. Trevor Phillips explains why he is running and answers questions about  what he can bring to the Salem City Council in this CCTV video. 

Why I'm Running

The 2016 election gave me an appreciation for the importance of local government. It’s the place where regular people stand the best chance to build a community that fits their values and beliefs. It’s also the place where we can find common ground across partisan divides. As a doctor providing care to this community, and as a husband raising two children in this community, I wanted to step up and help shape the future of my neighborhood and my city. And I want to do that with the support of all my friends and neighbors in Ward 3.


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The Platform


Neighborhood Services

We need more family friendly services in our neighborhoods. This includes improved and expanded library services and more public green spaces like developed parks and dog parks. Getting people outside will help improve health outcomes and build community. We need better communication from the City of Salem and more opportunities to provide input into plans that impact our neighborhoods. And I would really like to see a community pool that young families like mine could  enjoy.



As a member of the Downtown Homeless Solutions Task Force, I strongly believe that the City needs to adopt and enact all of the recommendations made by the task force. At a minimum, I would prioritize the recommendations made by the Salem Police Department: 1) Sobering Center, 2) Safe secure storage, restrooms & shower facilities, 3) twenty-four hour access to local service providers. I recognize the City doesn’t have the resources to provide everyone in need with a home, but we can find the resources to treat everyone with dignity while also ensuring our downtown is welcoming for all. 


Climate Change

We absolutely need a climate action plan. A climate action plan isn’t just about curbing emissions, which we have a moral obligation to do, it’s also about planning for the now-inevitable changes we can expect. The city needs to play a leadership role in helping our communities, businesses, infrastructure, and natural resources adapt to hotter, drier summers, warmer winters, and more intense storms. The recent water crisis shows us that this is not just a theoretical issue, but a local issue that needs to be addressed.


Watch Trevor testify before the City Council in opposition to the proposed Costco development on Kuebeler Blvd.